REINAS means QUEENS in Spanish. It also means a leader, sovereign, absolute, unlimited, unrestricted, boundless, ultimate, total, unconditional, full, and a great woman. These are just a few words to describe the women we have worked with and will get to work with that represent REINAS.

Combine our names: Rachel + Dana= REINAS

The Journey…

I have had an incredible amount of respect and admiration for Rachel Joyce; Professional Triathlete, Mother, Lawyer, Business Entrepreneur, Colleague, and Friend. I have been following her professional athletic journey for many years now. As a triathlete myself, Rachel’s path has motivated me, humbled me, and shown me the potential of what can be. In May of 2013, I was at a major turning point of my life, after living in South America for 17-years, I was moving back to the U.S. for a new position. I was also about to throw another challenge into the mix; race my first Ironman distance in Texas. My goal was to finish the distance of a 2.4 swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 run, and no matter what, stay the course and not give up. Little did I know, that same day, Rachel Joyce would also be racing Ironman Texas, and we would share the course on the hottest and most humid day ever! Fast forward to a long and grueling day, I crossed the finish line with my right foot forward ready for the next chapter in my life. Elated and exhausted, I find my husband Daniel at the finish line. I remember the finish line meal, we ate burritos, I share the blur of the day with him and ask who won the race from the professional women? Daniel tells me that Rachel Joyce crushed the course and took the win.

If you would have told me that day, that five years later I would be introduced to Rachel Joyce and have the opportunity to work together, I would never have believed it. Well about one year ago, Rachel and I were introduced and found we had much more in common than triathlon alone…

We started with one coffee meeting, which turned into many more and we have not stopped talking, planning, and linking our goals, and projects to purpose. In 2018, we brought together our skills, experience, and passion to spark change and had the privilege to work with many incredible women. We used triathlon as a tool to motivate, inspire, and strengthen our leadership skills; ultimately we tapped into a braver, bolder, stronger version of ourselves. What we learned on the race course we applied in our personal and professional lives and vice versa. We had great success creating this space and have now created a joint brand called REINAS!

REINAS Mission…

Through leadership and sport, we provide individuals with the tools to empower themselves (and others) to greatness.

REINAS and Leadership…

We have both worked with and learned from hundreds of girls and women; be it Rachel in a law firm, myself in a tiny village in the Andes mountains, on the race course, in the workplace, on the podium, on the sidelines, or with community; we found common practices on how successful women lead. We promote a definition of leadership that goes beyond roles of authority and power; beyond status, podiums and titles. We agreed that for us, leadership isn’t about learning theory. Leadership is about choosing the courage zone over the comfort zone. It’s about playing to your strengths and it’s about helping others play to theirs. As leaders we have the confidence to stand firm in our beliefs and values; we are determined, persisting to get the good work done! Leadership is built with self-responsibility, self-trust, self-acceptance, and self-authorship and owning your space.


How the REINAS brand came about…

Franko Vatterot, our friend and colleague was essential in helping Rachel and I move from brand vision to action; he also introduced us. Franko is the Founder of the Human Interest Group a sports marketing and business development firm focused on the creation of authentic relationships between world-class athletes, influencers, brands, and active lifestyle consumers. A few months ago, on the phone with Franko he shared with me that he had begun to refer to Rachel and Dana as ‘RAY-NA’. That he has simply decided to combine our names. Now, I lived 17-years in South America and Spanish has become my second language, I asked Franko if he knew what the translation of his new Rachel+Dana combo meant? He did not, and I immediately shared that in Spanish, it means QUEEN; pronounced RAY-NAS, spelled REINAS. Not only is it a combination of our names, it represents what we stand for, what we believe, our mission, and now new brand REINAS. Franko, thank you, mil gracias!

So where are we at now? We have a lot on the horizon and want to share with you our upcoming experiences powered by REINAS.

Retreats, Presentations, Workshops powered by REINAS…

Outspoken-Women In Triathlon Summit presented by Triathlete Magazine will be the first ever Women’s in Triathlon Summit. REINAS has been invited to present a session called ‘The Rising Tide of Women’s Leadership’. We are honored to be part of a lineup of talented and brilliant speakers/role models in the triathlon industry. Triathlete Mag Top Ten Takeaways

Braver, Bolder, Stronger 2019; join us for this 1/2 day transformative workshop as we run, brunch, and learn about the power of goal-setting. Together we will work on the art and skill of reflection and goal-setting as well as develop a 2019 concrete plan for personal, professional, athletic goals. We will identify and create 2019 indicators of success, as well as opportunities to build more harmony and balance into 2019. And most important we will create strategies for accountability in order to make our goals stick. This is the perfect gift for yourself this holiday season and is happening January 20th, 2019 at St. Julienne Hotel & Spa in Boulder, Colorado. Sign up here for the holiday special, this is one not to be missed!

Women's Triathlon Leadership Retreat Park City, Utah- June 13-16, 2019. Designed for women, by women, we bring together the transformative powers of triathlon style training to help strong women explore much more than just improving their cadence. You’ll train alongside Ironman Champion Rachel Joyce, challenging your swimming, cycling and running skills, while also participating in leadership reflection sessions that teach you how to play to your strengths, cultivate resilience and unleash your inner warrior.  Prioritize your personal wellness and develop your training with the Intermountain Healthcare LiVe Well Center that features a state-of-the-art sports performance arm overseen by Dr. Max Testa — who has 30-years working in the sports medicine arena guiding top elite and professional athletes. We’ve created an incredibly cool and transformative adventure ‘for’ and ‘with’ other incredible women. Park City, Utah is the perfect training destination. We’ve chosen the best roads, incredible climbs, beautiful views and epic trails for you to explore and train on. This unique weekend experience is designed for women to break through, thrive, and lead by example.

Sign up here to get the early bird special!

biking PC.jpg
Rachel Joyce and Craig Alexander (Crowie) mapping out the best routes in Park City, Utah.

Rachel Joyce and Craig Alexander (Crowie) mapping out the best routes in Park City, Utah.

REINAS Outcomes…

When you work with the REINAS, you will lead with your braver, bolder, strongest self.

Check out what others are saying about REINAS experiences.


REINAS Founders…

RACHEL JOYCE : Ironman Champion and ITU Long Distance World Champion

Rachel took up triathlon in 2005 and what started as a hobby turned into a passion. In 2008, Rachel made the bold decision to resign from her job as an attorney to give making it as a professional triathlete her best shot. Since then, she’s climbed to the top of her sport. Known as Joycey on the race course, she has captured a world title, 6 iron distance titles and stood on the podium 3 times at the Ironman World Championships, Hawaii. In 2017, Rachel returned to racing having taken 2016 off to have her son and went on to win 2 Ironman races less than a year after giving birth and in doing so qualified for the World Championships. Outside of training and racing, Rachel is a passionate advocate for equality and increasing participation in sport by women. She is a founding member of TriEqual and sits on the Women For Tri Committee of Advisors.


6 Iron Distance Victories

2 Ironman 70.3 Victories

2x Runner Up Ironman World Championships

1 Little Boy (Archie) | Born September 2016


DANA PLATIN- Leadership Coach- Founder of The Warmi Project

bio pic.jpg

Dana Platin is an experienced leadership development strategist, adept at coaching driven women who want to become braver, bolder, and stronger. A passionate avid athlete, Dana has used her participation in triathlons, cycling, and mountaineering as a way to set personal goals to push herself beyond what she thought was possible and tap into her best self.  Dana believes the world can be changed for the better through our greater community participation, and effective leadership. While personal triumphs have taught her discipline, determination, motivation, and commitment; it is her unique 20-year work history, focused in the areas of leadership development, training, and program management which has produced the most significant lessons learned. 


20+ years | Trainer, Facilitator, Program Director

15+ years | Triathlon, Cycling, and Mountaineering

4x Ironman Finisher

18x 70.3 Ironman Finisher

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