Dana offers a vast array of on-site, energetic and participatory workshops and presentations for small groups, teams and organizations.  Groups can choose from 2-hour, half-day, or full-day workshops that are tailored to the needs of the group. These sessions are a great way to break up a longer retreat, training camps or group work. 

Dana’s passion and experience focus on: leadership development and life quality.

Leadership Development

These workshops help develop core competencies required for healthy, high-performing teams and/or individuals.  

Example of Topics for Workshops Include:

  • Strengthen Personal Productivity, Priorities, Time and Energy Management

  • Foment Resilience

  • Accelerate Results

  • Master Life Quality Balance

  • Peer Coaching for Cohesive Teams

  • Communicating for Team Effectiveness

  • Self-Leadership for High-Performing Teams

  • High-Performing Teams

Life Quality

Life Quality workshops help develop core competencies, to master life quality balance, prioritize one's wellness.

Example of Topics for Workshops Include:

  • Set, Sustain & Surpass Goals- Strategies and exercises to determine the what, why, and how around goal-setting.

  • Life Mapping- Develop 5-year vision, along with action plan of concrete goals, objectives and measurable deliverables.

  • Courage Zone- Expand your comfort zone, fear less when it comes to life, training and/or racing and develop strategies to navigate obstacles, and cultivate resilience.

  • Play to Your Strengths - Identify your top strengths and how to best capitalize them to maximize performance for team, organizational or personal goals.

  • Master Life Quality Balance- Strengthen personal productivity, priority and time management to develop smart strategies to balance life, work, training and racing.

  • Go Time- Mental skills preparation on how to foment resilience, build mental fitness for any professional or personal projects.

From regularly scheduled check-in meetings to team building retreats, Dana can create the ideal training program to fit the needs of your team or group.

Services can include:

  • Pre-Retreat worksheets

  • On-site training facilitation

  • Worksheets

  • Skills development into practical experience during sessions

  • Observations of practice

  • Debrief meetings

  • Recommendations

During your initial consultation, Dana can explore with you which option may be the best fit for your group, team or organization. Check out the sessions and don't hesitate to contact Dana with your questions or set up your free consultation to learn more about these motivational and skill building offerings. In addition, Dana can also meet with individuals one-on-one for coaching sessions. 

Dana holds a Master in Public Health (MPH), including fifteen years in senior management; coaching and leading others. Dana knows the challenges around achieving a healthy balance between work and life.  She is a lifelong health and wellness enthusiast and endurance athlete who uses triathlon, cycling, running and mountaineering as a way to set personal goals which have, in turn, made her a better professional.  These long distance journeys and leadership positions have all required years and months of goal setting, planning along with mental and physical preparation.  It has taught her discipline, determination, motivation, commitment and how to accelerate results. Her extensive experience with designing, facilitating and leading interactive, participatory workshops has resulted in successful individuals approaching their personal and professional life with more balance and positive results.