Women are amazing, powerful creatures. We can do anything we set our minds to, right? That is, until we bump up against our own inner glass ceilings — those little voices inside that prevent us from playing as big as we know we should be able to play.

I think women are used to thinking that things are off limits for them, when in reality, anything is possible. We're used to being told what kind of life we should dream of, and what kind of future we can expect for ourselves. When we dare break that mold, stomp the fear, we unleash potential, surpass our goals and discover what we are truly made of.  

Dana Platin knows what it’s like to crumble in fear, and she knows what it means to push through that fear in EVERY area of life. With 17 years of experience in a culture not her own leading and supporting passionate Peace Corps volunteers, years of endurance racing, over a decade of climbing ascents in the Andes Mountains, and 20 years in effective, compassionate leadership coaching, Dana supports women to break free from fear and crush their goals.

What kind of client does she coach? Women who know they have the potential to be extraordinary, but who are challenged in IMPORTANT arenas in their lives, to finally kick ass they way they know they can.

Dana’s coaching program, Crush YOUR Goals, walks you through the following:

Identify what holds you back. 

When you work with Dana, she helps you to identify the precise limitations in your thinking preventing you from becoming the leader/ partner/artist/ athlete you long to be.

Embrace the TEN lessons you need to learn in order to finally move forward in your career/ art/ parenting/ life/ athletic pursuits.

Joy and passion long to be translated into action in all of our lives. Once you’ve removed the limitations that block you, making these ten important mindset adjustments can create a clear the path for you to manifest the life you KNOW you are supposed to be living. Through an extraordinary process of having been stripped down to her absolute essential self (see her bio for more details), Dana Platin has discovered the 10 mindset shifts clients MUST make if they want to live big and be true to themselves.

Design YOUR OWN ADVENTURE PROJECT that will solidify the new you.

Dana believes that ACTION MUST FOLLOW thought. She supports her clients in designing concrete opportunities to practice their new character traits and create their own adventure project.

If you finally need a change in an area you’ve been grappling with for a long time, set up a 30-minute complimentary Crush YOUR Goals breakthrough coaching session with Dana to talk about a plan for moving forward.

Dana donates 20% of her coaching fees to fund the leadership endeavors of las Warmis, connecting women from the U.S. and Ecuador to be extraordinary.