Over the years I have had the privilege to work with and learn from hundreds of girls and women. Regardless of their social, economic, or cultural background they have the same approach to getting the best of themselves. They build off of their strengths and manage around their weaknesses. They have an I CAN, I WILL attitude and when life puts them in a tough situation, they don't say WHY ME, they say TRY ME. 

These women have inspired me to create The Warmi Way- a manifesto of ten characteristics on how successful women navigate the world. My hope is The Warmi Way will inspire you to recognize these same traits in yourself or what can be. That you will feel empowered to use your voice, talents, and skills to make positive change, and ultimately empower others to do the same.  

Reach out to me  if you'd like a complimentary PDF version of The Warmi Way to frame on your wall, set at your desk or put in a place that reminds you on a daily basis how brave, bold, bright, beautiful, and badass, YOU are.  

Radiate the W!

The Warmi Way Original - 01.jpg