The Warmi Way coaching program will bring together socially-minded, adventurous, driven women for a one week transformational experience. Imagine cycling; trail running, trekking and/or climbing in the Andes Mountains.  Envision playing to your strengths, leaping and leading change while squashing your inner critic and strengthening your inner mentor.  You'll be stepping out of your comfort zone by day and sipping wine and journaling your greatest aspirations and goals in the evenings with other kick-ass women. 

Not only does The Warmi Project fulfill the need for that adventure dose, but also positively impact local women and their communities in those countries. With daily-guided reflections with your leadership  coach Dana, there are also opportunities to learn and grow from the local women and other women on the trip, while simultaneously being introduced to new perspectives and ideas from cultures. When women travel and train together there is a network of support created in which each independent woman is motivated to create change and nurture her own strength. Whether it be small changes in her personal life or a new commitment to act in a positive way impacting the global community, each woman traveler has a voice.

What does Dana bring?

Dana Platin is an experienced leadership development strategist, adept at coaching driven women who want to become braver, bolder, and stronger. A passionate avid athlete, Dana has used her participation in triathlons, cycling, and mountaineering as a way to set personal goals to push herself beyond what she thought was possible and tap into her best self.  Dana believes the world can be changed for the better through our greater community participation, and effective leadership. While personal triumphs have taught her discipline, determination, motivation, and commitment; it is her unique 20-year work history, focused in the areas of leadership development, training, and program management which has produced the most significant lessons learned. 

20+ years | Trainer, Facilitator, Program Director

15+ years | Triathlon, Cycling, and Mountaineering

4x Ironman Finisher | 18x 70.3 Ironman Finisher

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